There are many activities that should be put on hold during pregnancy, having sex is not usually included as something to avoid. We have put together a list of the benefits of sexual intercourse while your baby is forming in your womb.

Is Sex During Pregnancy Safe?
For any healthy female without complications during her pregnancy, sex can be a safe and enjoyable experience. Sexual intercourse can provide both mental and physical benefits, including improving your emotional connection with your partner, relieving stress and anxiety, burning calories, and reducing tension.

Your womb, uterine muscles, mucus plug (that forms around the cervix), and amniotic fluid protect your young one while you move.
Remember to communicate throughout the process to ensure your experience is enjoyable for both you and your partner, especially as hormone fluctuations affect your mood. Sex has not been linked to premature labor or miscarriage, which is a common concern of parents.

What Are the Benefits of Having Sex While Pregnant?

Orgasms Can Be Intensified

Many women report having stronger orgasms during pregnancy, increasing their sexual satisfaction and reducing stress levels. During the second trimester, hormones and a boost of blood flow can significantly increase sex drive. Chemicals released in the brain after an orgasm can help ease pain and increase immunity.

 Sex Is a Great Workout

When you are sexually active, you are continuously working out and burning calories, which can help lower blood pressure. High blood pressure can cause many different issues during pregnancy (as well as create problems for men and women at any age). After a bedroom session, you may find that you also fall asleep quicker and have a more relaxing night of sleep.

 Improved Labor and Recovery Time

Orgasms are contractions of your pelvic muscles, which strengthens them, helping to ease labour pains and improving bladder control to avoid leaks or urination during pregnancy. Stronger pelvic muscles can also lead to a quicker recovery after giving birth.