Health Risk At Job

Besides environmental factors, the positions you assume while working’ standing, bending or sitting’ can lead to discomfort and complications. The up side of this is, with simple modifications you can increase the safety of almost any job activity in your pregnancy term.

Risk # 1: Standing For Long Periods Of Time

If your job scope involves sales, nursing, cooking, waitressing or any other situation which keeps you on your feet most of all of your workday, you could be compromising your circulation and in turn decreasing your baby’s nutrient supply.

What You Can Do

Reduce time on your feet by swapping tasks with a coworker for a couple of hours. Take a sitting break every 20 minutes, elevating your feet for 5 minutes. Take a walk around the block to exercise calf muscles and increase circulation, instead of staying stationary. If none of these are possible, place one foot on a low step stool; this will help relieve back pressure ad promote circulation.

Risk # 2: Lifting, Bending, Climbing On The Job

Heavy lifting is most dangerous in the 1st trimester when miscarriage is most rife, and again in the final trimester when the risk of premature labor is greatest. Since balance is compromised during the final trimester, any tasks involving climbing using a ladder late in your pregnancy could risk a fall.

What You Can Do

Avoid tasks that involve lifting; if you can’t, reduce the load of what you lift by 25% or more each trimester. More importantly, request for splitting or alternating risky tasks with another colleague whose job is comparatively lighter than yours.

Risk # 3: Sitting For Long Periods At Your Desk

Like standing in one spot too long, desk-bound jobs where sitting in one position for an extended period of time can cause back aches and circulation problems.

What You Can Do

Whenever possible, elevate your feet while sitting using a small step stool or a stack of telephone directories under your table. Extend your legs, point your toes and flex your feet. If your back feels stiff and sore, use a pillow to support the lower back or invest in an ergonomic pillow with a massage mechanism. Also important, avoid crossing your legs while sitting as this can decrease circulation.

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